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Spokane has oil companies, gas companies & gas service stations and it's always important to choose that right one. Cheap gas, expensive gas, and affordable gas stations are available in the Spokane area!  Oil was discovered a long time ago and believe it or not, there's still areas that have oil.  Find an oil well near you!
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Gas prices in Spokane as well as other cities across the nation are increasing little by little.  Why are the top oil companies showing outrageous profits each and every year with increases going up and up?  It's time for Spokane to fight back!  Of course, strikes won't work because we need our fuel and vehicles to get around Spokane!  What will work for the people of Spokane?  We need to attack the CEO's of these top oil giants and put a stop to this!  Everyone understands that the oil reserves are for emergencies and cannot be touched but come on Spokane, we need to fight to allow drilling off the East and West coasts.  We only live once and within our generation, if Spokane and other cities don't do something about this, we will fall and a revolution will happen.  First the high oil executives will fall, then the ones helping the oil executives, and whoever gets in the way.  We need to stop this nonsense of gas increase before it's too late for Spokane as well as everywhere else in the United States. 

Let's think about this!  The everyday person that's struggling to fill up a tank at these unbelievable rates.  Think about when they see an oil executive, ceo, or even an employee of a top oil company.  Hatred is in their eyes and no telling what could happen next!  Spokane and others need to fight these high gas prices and put a stop to this!  Gas going up, the sales of SUVs are going down.  SUVs are the tanks of the roads in Spokane as well as other cities.  Not only do they have plenty of room, but are extremely safe, compared to a small car with great gas mileage.  More fatalities will happen if everyone starts buying smaller cars.  Why? because the gas is too high for SUVs.  Millions and Millions in profits for these big oil companies when Spokane as well as the other cities are struggling to make ends meet!  Bullsoil was created to give everyone an understanding of the oil industry and what needs to be done to put a stop to this!  The world without oil could be costly just as the world without the internet.  We need to take our chances now and save what we have, but don't destroy the US economy by raising the gas rates.  The oil companies should be able to help Spokane and other cities by taking some of those profits and helping the economy instead of greed and helping themselves!